Tuesday, 9 October 2007

A visit to the Taiwan Theater Museum (Part 1)

During my childhood, I have been exposed to Chinese opera; and oftentimes it leaves a funny taste in the mouth. Not bad--just funny. :D

Because, for one, the singing voices are different. The tones go up and down, sometimes with a questioning stance, etc., etc., etc.

Another reason is because the faces of the actors are heavily made up. And to a child's eyes, they can look beautiful and mystical at the same time.

The music is different also--so dissonant.

But when we visited the Taiwan Theater Museum in Yilan County, I really learned to appreciate this art.

Taiwanese opera is very much like Peking opera. The vibrant costumes, makeup, and music are there. But the dialect used is Taiwanese.

Taiwan has its own culture and art. Even though the people in Taiwan are Chinese, we must keep in mind that Taiwan is different from China.

And this theater helps emphasize that Taiwan has its own opera worthy of our attention.

Here are pictures of our stay in the Taiwan Thetear Museum.

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