Tuesday 22 July 2014


1.Article 105 of the Criminal Law

What it says: Criminalizes "arranging, plotting or acting to subvert the political force of the state and oust the communist framework" and "induction to subvert the political force of the state and topple the communist framework by spreading bits of gossip, criticism or different means."

What it does: Although China's constitution apparently ensures the right to free discourse and articulation, statutes, for example, this one permit the state to stifle all feedback. Subversion charges are a typical destiny for China's dissident bloggers and columnists.

2.Hukou (Household Registration) System

What it says: Citizens are ordered as per spot of home and financial status. Folks pass down their arrangement to their kids, making hukou a manifestation of social character. Country transients are not permitted to migrate to urban communities unless they meet certain prerequisites, including a "stable occupation or wellspring of pay" and a "stable spot of living arrangement."

What it does:
The hukou framework, abraded by pundits as "China's politically-sanctioned racial segregation," follows its birthplaces to the fifth century, B.c. Changes have lifted confinements lately and requirement has loosened off, however a few regions still have hukou on the books. Transients who don't meet prerequisites have some difficulty getting open administrations, for example, social insurance or instruction for their youngsters. A few authorities protect the framework, cautioning that as well fast changes will prompt taking off wrongdoing and social confusion. Anyway recently, an administration supported report recommended that hukou be scrapped by and large to allow ranchers the same status as urbanites.

3.Measures for Managing Internet Information Systems, Issued by State Council Order No. 292

What it says: Prohibits certain substance from Web locales, online announcement sheets, and talk rooms, including substance that could "hurt the pride and investment of the state" or "irritate social request." It additionally holds Internet administration suppliers (Isps) in charge of the substance of their destinations.

What it does:
Vague procurements, for example, banning Web locales that "bother social request" are a free ticket to ride for Internet oversight. China utilizes in the ballpark of 30,000 Internet police to watch its more than 250 million Web clients, and considering Isps in charge of substance frequently prompts broad oversight toward oneself and the recording of endorsers' online and phone action.

3.Law on the Supervision by Standing Committees of the People’s Congress at All Levels (2006), Article 3

What it says: It lays out the prerequisite of "maintaining authority of the Communist Party."

What it does: Along with the constitution itself, this law empowers one-gathering lead by commanding Communist Party strength in Congress. Actually talking, China hosts eight enlisted minor gatherings. Anyhow on account of laws, for example, this, they have next to zero impact on government.

4.New Property Rights Law, 2007

What it says: This law allowed the right to property possession by private persons.  

What it does: Although one can claim structures and apparatuses ashore, the area itself still has a place with the state. The Chinese government additionally has a right to seize private property for "an open reason," a dubious standard that is frequently abused by business engages. The state must "give remuneration" for such seizures, however it typically offers a humble sum. A few experts feel that giving workers specifically the right to offer their property would have packed down country agitation and helped millions discover work and overcome destitution, however such a sensational step was clearly excessively for the Communist Party. 

5.Regulations on Religious Affairs (2005)

What it says: Allows religious associations to have property, distribute writing, prepare and sanction church, and gather gifts, yet obliges them to enlist with the state. Article 3 sets forward that religion can't be utilized to "upset open request" or "damage State or open investment."

What it does: Requiring gatherings to enroll with the state gives the administration the right of refusal over religious associations. The dialect in Article 3 is deliberately dubious and is frequently utilized against gatherings the legislature doesn't support, for example, the Falun Gong. The legislature authoritatively perceives only five religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, 


Tuesday 19 February 2013

Fly (Nicki Minaj song)

"Fly" is a song by Trinidadian rapper-songwriter Nicki Minaj from her debut studio album, Pink Friday (2010). The song was released as the eighth and final single from the album on August 30, 2011. 

It features additional guest vocals by Barbadian recording artist Rihanna. The track was written by Kevin Hissink, W. Jordan, J.R. Rotem, Clemm Rishad and Minaj herself, while production was helped by Rotem and Hissink. The song is a pop track (not to be mistaken for being an R&B track, the song clearly has no blues influence) which incorporates the hip-hop genre. The song is inspired by the emotion of soaring above and overcoming all stereotypes and negativity, to come out victorious.

"Fly" garnered positive reviews from music critics, most of whom noted it as a stand-out track of the album and complimented the song for its inspirational feeling. In the United States, "Fly" reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also reached the top twenty in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and the United Kingdom. The song became Nicki Minaj's first number one on the UK R&B Chart. Furthermore, "Fly" marked top twenty positions on the US Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs and Pop Songs charts and reached the top ten of the US Rap Songs chart at number nine.

Tuesday 7 August 2012


True flies are insects of the order Diptera (from the Greek di = two, and ptera = wings). Their most obvious distinction from other orders of insects is that a typical fly possesses a pair of flight wings on the mesothorax and a pair of halteres, derived from the hind wings, on the metathorax. (Some species of flies are exceptional in that they are secondarily flightless). The only other order of insects bearing two true, functional wings plus any form of halteres are the Strepsiptera, and in contrast to the flies, the Strepsiptera bear their halteres on the mesothorax and their flight wings on the metathorax.

Friday 12 October 2007

Feathered Fidelity

WARNING~~ long story ahead but something worth reflecting. :)

I hope this message helps remind us to never be quick on giving up on those we love.

It's a sad reality.

All relationships start with love and promise, but all too often we see them weaken, crumble
and finally fail. It's too bad all relationships don't go to the birds.

I know that sounds strange, but read on.

Many years ago, when I was just a young boy, a small yellow bird hit our front door. When
I looked outside, I saw its tiny, unmoving body on our deck. I opened the door to see if it
was just stunned, or worse, dead.

I was kneeling over it when my mom joined me.

“Michael, I think it may be dead. I heard the bang on the glass. It hit pretty hard.”

“Mom, should we bury it?”

“I'm not sure, Michael. When I first looked out I saw another bird land beside it. It looked
like it was trying to pick this one up. I think we should let nature take care of this. Let's put
it on the roof of the car and see what happens.”

We placed the unmoving, little bird on the roof of my dad's car and went back into the house.

From our living room window we watched as the bird's mate flew to its side, carefully grip
the back of the dead bird's neck in its tiny beak, and with a strength only love and devotion
could provide, lifted its mate in the air.

It carried the body from the car, across the street, over the meadow on the other side and
into nearby trees. It flew only a few feet off the ground. Sometimes it would get up to six
feet high and then the weight of its companion would pull it lower again. Its struggle was great,
but the desire not to be parted from its mate was greater.

Thirty-five years later, I stepped out of my home on a warm summer morning. I looked toward
my next door neighbor's -- we lived in attached townhouses -- and noticed a single strand of
a spider's web strung from the bush by the corner of their townhouse to the wheel of one of
their cars. I thought it was strange for a spider to spin such a web, especially just one tiny strand.

I moved closer to investigate. When I reached down to break the web I discovered it wasn't
a web at all. It was a piece of fishing line. I gave it a tug and saw it was tangled in the bushes,
and the other end was knotted under the car.

One of the boys was sitting on the front deck of the house.

I remarked, “Looks like someone booby-trapped your friend's car.”

He came closer to see what I was talking about. I gave the line a tug. It was tightly jammed
under the wheel of the vehicle.

“Strange, it seems to go all the way under,” I said.

I walked to the back of the car and saw a robin. It fluttered to get away, but the line, which
was wrapped around its tiny leg, held it firm. The poor bird flapped around on the pavement with
only a foot of line for it to move.

Slowly I approached and reached to grab it. When my fingers first touched his feathers it
squawked and flapped away from me. I moved faster on the second attempt and managed to
get a grip around his trembling body. It squirmed and twisted its head to snap at me, but I held tight.

The boy came closer for a look, and then went for a knife. When he returned I realized he would
probably break the poor bird's leg when the knife pulled the string tight before cutting it through,
so I sent him for scissors. He came back and we carefully removed the string.

The bird was free, but I held him a little longer, so I could remove one last strand of the line from
his tiny leg. It made a great effort and escaped from my grasp. He flew low across the pavement,
under a row of mailboxes, and up into a tree.

It was free again.

Then I noticed a second robin fly down from a nearby tree and land next to the newly-freed robin.
It had stayed close by, as its mate struggled for freedom, and would not have left until freedom or
death ended their relationship.

The birds I witnessed mated for life and the struggles that come with it. Now don't you wish a lot
more relationships would go to the birds?

I know I do.

By Michael T. Smith

Tuesday 9 October 2007

A visit to the Taiwan Theater Museum (Part 1)

During my childhood, I have been exposed to Chinese opera; and oftentimes it leaves a funny taste in the mouth. Not bad--just funny. :D

Because, for one, the singing voices are different. The tones go up and down, sometimes with a questioning stance, etc., etc., etc.

Another reason is because the faces of the actors are heavily made up. And to a child's eyes, they can look beautiful and mystical at the same time.

The music is different also--so dissonant.

But when we visited the Taiwan Theater Museum in Yilan County, I really learned to appreciate this art.

Taiwanese opera is very much like Peking opera. The vibrant costumes, makeup, and music are there. But the dialect used is Taiwanese.

Taiwan has its own culture and art. Even though the people in Taiwan are Chinese, we must keep in mind that Taiwan is different from China.

And this theater helps emphasize that Taiwan has its own opera worthy of our attention.

Here are pictures of our stay in the Taiwan Thetear Museum.

Sunday 7 October 2007

The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

I am now ___ years old. Hahahaha...

If you have been paying attention to my ever so narcissistic blog, you would know how old I am this year. :P

Guess...guess...I will give you a clue, go back to my archives and read my birthday meme. :)

I am very contented with my life and how things are running right now.

But if I have a time machine and am given an opportunity to go back in the past, I wish to go back to the time when I was 4 years old and start everything all over again.

Why so very early, you might ask?

Well, when you are 4 years old, the world is still very young. It is the age of innocence. You are just starting school. Everyone is happy, at least from your perspective.

There are some opportunities that I have not handled well. Although I do not regret anything at all. It might be just fun to see how things turn out differently.

If you could change the past, why not?

PS. Age 0 is so way super early. Age 4 is fine. :D

Now, what age would you wish to go back to?
1) Cometh
2) Kailoon
3) Levian
4) Littlepolaris
5) Sideduck

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Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
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The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Colleen wishes to go back to age 23 to spend more time with mama.
宝茹 wishes to go back to age 4 to start everything all over again.